Customer Complaint Resolution

We will endeavour to do our best to amicably resolve any issue or complaint you may have with our service or a bet settlement.

  • If you do have a complaint/issue please raise with customer services, who will make a decision or consult with upper management to make a decision.
  • Hopefully we can resolve any issues in the first instance but if however you are unhappy with this decision, the next step is to raise your complaint/issue with the Managing Director, who will make a decision.

Contact us on:

We are members of an Independent Arbitration Service called IBAS. If after the Managing Directors decision, we still haven’t resolved the issue, you can contact IBAS with your complaint/issue who will make a decision which Goodwin Racing Ltd promises to abide by.
IBAS can be contacted via their website where you can fill out claim forms online. Alternatively their contact details are:


Independent Betting Adjudication Service
PO Box 62639